The Concept Of Running Paint

Taking part in a sporting event like a marathon can be a life-changing experience, whether the reason for taking part is for the challenge, a life goal, for the love of it, to fundraise or in a loved one's memory. The reason for taking part maybe different but with the training, dedication, willingness and the feelings of achievement, are all very recognisable and relatable throughout the running communities and it is this I wish to reflect back through the artworks and the project Running Paint.


behind running paint

Running Paint is founded and designed by Nicholas Efstathiou. Graduating from University Of East London with a degree in Graphic Art & Animation, Nick found he trade as an artist and designer. Nick now combines two inspiring subjects, art and design with running, through this Running Paint was born.

"I created Running Paint, a business to inspire people to run whilst raising money for my running charities. What draws me to long distance running isn’t to be the fittest or the best but to reach my goals and overcome doubt. I believe anyone can exercise and I wish to inspire you and others through my art, to take to the streets, parks, mountains."


In celebration of receiving a place in the Brighton marathon and the London marathon 2018, I am holding a 10% off sale ending on the 30th of April 2018. Nick will be running both marathons in a week for the charity Anthony Nolan, he aims to raise over £3000. Use the code BRT2LND and Anthony Nolan will receive £0.20 from every £1 that Running Paint takes as Profit. Offer incules all art, products and studio based commissions.

To find out more about my fundraising targets and achievements go to

Studio Visits & Open Studios

Running Paint's studio is based in Wimbledon Art Studios, where Nick designs and creates Running Paint's products. The Running Paint's studio is open to visits on appointment only, where you are welcome to view the art and products as well as talk about art, design and running over a tea or coffee. The Open Studios are where the studios are open to the public over four day, with live music, street food, popup restaurant, bars, workshops, art competitions etc. Suitable for all the family.

To arrange a studio visit please feel free to contact Nick and he will be happy to arrange a studio visit and to look out for the next Open Studios which happens twice a year in May and November. Click here to find out more about the Open Studios.


Studio 029, Wimbledon Art Studios, 10 Riverside Yard, Riverside Road, London, SW17 0BB.